Wijnne Barends

Just add water. We’ll take care of the rest.

Wijnne Barends is the Netherlands’ oldest active shipping company. Although we are proud of our past, we live entirely in the present. Decisive and creative. At Wijnne Barends a ‘can do’ mentality prevails: challenges are there to be taken up and maritime logistics issues to be solved. We take a constructive approach to your needs and look for creative and efficient transport solutions. And if we make you a promise, we keep it. Wijnne Barends stands for reliability and loyalty. Our aim is to enter into an ongoing relationship with you and to constantly make sure that you are pleasantly surprised. Our track record shows that we have succeeded in that aim time and time again.

Wijnne Barends always offers you the right vessel at the right time, excellent maritime management, experienced personnel with knowledge of the cargo and the navigation area, an extensive network of road, sea and inland waterway transport and outstanding storage and transhipment facilities at strategic locations. That ideally places us to deliver goods quickly and efficiently from door to door. From manufacturer to buyer. And the strategic joint venture in the Spliethoff Group enables us to fulfil our promise worldwide. Just add water. We’ll take care of the rest.