1855 Johan Herman Wijnne and Barend Cornelis Barends found the company Wijnne Barends in Groningen.
1861 - 1866 Wijnne Barends participates in five vessels. A rapidly expanding activity. After five years Wijnne Barends participates in thirteen vessels, including a steam tug called "Time is Money".
1867 The opening of the Eemskanaal creates new opportunities; Wijnne Barends opens an office in Delfzijl. Some years later this becomes the company's head office.
1919 Samuel Barends converts the company to the company limited by shares Wijnne Barends' cargadoors- en agentuurkantoren.
1930s The effects of the crisis years are keenly felt in Dutch (inland) shipping. Wijnne Barends are hit hard, but manage to survive.
1952 The second world war is followed by the dawn of better times; this year sees the completion of the first ship built especially according the wishes of Wijnne Barends, the MS "Marie-Christine".
1955 100 anniversary of the company, a peak year. Of the 1000 Dutch coasters, 130 are affiliated to Wijnne Barends.
1960s Dutch coastal shipping again faces hard times. Wijnne Barends decides to participate ships for the sake of continuity.
1970 Terminal Delfzijl is established.
1972 Wijnne Barends becomes a Private Limited Company and closes the Groningen office as regards the shipping activities. The air cargo activities as well as the travel agency remain in Groningen.
1973 Groundservice Groningen Airport (GGA) is founded.
1991 New requirements for the transport of timber products lead to new ship designs. The start of several series of sister vessels; the high cubic 3000 and 4000 series.
1999 Wijnne Barends moves to the new office at Handelskade Oost in Delfzijl on november 1st. Start of the 5000 series.
2000 Wijnne Barends are certified for ISO 9002 and the International Safety Management (ISM).
2001 A new Deep Water Terminal is completed in the commercial port of Delfzijl. Start of the very high cubic 2000 series.
2002 Groundservice Groningen Airport (GGA) is sold.
2003 Spliethoff’s Bevrachtingskantoor B.V. from Amsterdam becomes main shareholder and statutory director of the company.
2004 Wijnne Barends are certified for International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)
2005 150 anniversary of the company. Wijnne Barends completes a new Deep Water Terminal in the Eemshaven.
2009 A new house style is implemented and Terminal Delfzijl changes to Wijnne Barends Logistics. Delivery of the 3500 series built in China.
2012 Delivery of the Lady-A series.
2013 Wijnne Barends Logistics AEO certified. All vessels in management are MLC certified.