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Wijnne Barends offers a made-to-measure service package.


Wijnne Barends is a well organised company. We can offer our customers a made-to-measure service package. We cordially invite you to find out and discuss the opportunities available for your company.

Financial Management

Wijnne Barends takes care of financial management on behalf of ship owners. In this capacity we look after the complete book keeping of the vessel. We also take out the relevant insurances for the vessel and carry out all activities related to the purchase and selling of ships.

Ship finance

There are many financing possibilities and financial constructions for getting ships into service. We would be glad to discuss the options with you in order to achieve the most favourable construction on the basis of a customised analysis.


Wijnne Barends takes care of the recruitment, selection and manning of the ships on behalf of the ship owner. For this the wishes of the owners are leading, within the applicable legal framework. The complete wage administration and processing of the salaries are also our responsibility. In addition we ensure satisfactory crew changes for the ships, including arranging tickets, visa, hotel stays and certificates.

Quality Health Safety Security and Environmental

The Quality Health Safety Security and Environmental department handles
• ARBO (occupational health) including risk inventory and evaluation

Technical management

In consultation with the owner, the Wijnne Barends superintendent carries out the nautical and technical management of the ship. We take care of the extension, amendment and renewal of ships’ certificates. In addition we supervise hull damage claims and bring them to a conclusion.

Sale & purchase

We are continually looking for ways to expand the fleet composition. For this we structurally seek out the chances and possibilities that the market has to offer.