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Welcome to Team Orange.

Shore based

The right person in the right place. Employees feel at home at Wijnne Barends, they are appreciated. We strive for solidarity and a united front full of passion for this special shipping company.


Seafarerers are the most important public faces of our organisation. They carry the responsibility of direct contact with our customers and the goods they carry for these customers, this requires experience and expertise.


Not even the best seafarer is born as a full professional. To gain experience, to see if shipping is something for you, it is possible to do an internship on board.

At Wijnne Barends you are the person that you are and never a number!


Wijnne Barends Crewing is responsible for the placement of well qualified crew members on board the fleet in management. Wijnne Barends Crewing recruits and selects new seafarers, both at home and abroad. We take care of all the procedural activities that are necessary in order to sign on.

We think personal contact between the seafarers and the office is very important. We therefore visit the ships regularly and organise Officer Days. In this way the colleagues, on board as well as in the office, can get to know each other better.

At Wijnne Barends you are the person that you are and never a number!