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We are flexible in our solutions for every kind of dry cargo.

Our Services



Wijnne Barends Logistics provides stevedoring services not only for its own fleet, but also for third parties that want to have their shipments processed in the northern Dutch ports by the terminals of Wijnne Barends Logistics. 

Dry cargo
We are flexible in our solutions for every kind of dry cargo. Thanks to the use of mobile cranes and terminal equipment the client can manage all facets and costs of a project.



Wijnne Barends Logistics offers storage facilities such as a collection and delivery depot for complete ship freights. Temporary storage after unloading a ship’s cargo is also possible. 

We monitor all freight with our modern system until it has reached the correct destination. We provide custom solutions in reporting facilities, based on the customer’s requirements.

It is also possible to simply store goods at Wijnne Barends Logistics. Clients can make use of our port warehouses for this purpose.

We fetch the goods from any desired location, store and forward them by inland shipping or sea ship.



Wijnne Barends Logistics offers a complete range of transportation services. Thus we can organise and handle the complete conveyance of any type of shipment to its final destination:

  • containers
  • conventional transport
  • bulk cargo

We fetch the goods from any desired location, store  and forward them by inland shipping or sea ship. Whether it is a container headed for Shanghai or two thousand tons of stones destined for the port of Drammen in Norway, Wijnne Barends handles every aspect of the complete passage.


Supply Chain Management

Wijnne Barends Logistics advises on all matters concerning import and export that can give rise to questions in the field of port logistics and worldwide shipping.

Cost reductions
Sometimes our customers can achieve cost reductions by adjusting certain structures within the links of the supply chain. We are happy to analyse the entire process with our clients and give advice regarding the best and most economical import and export process.


Inland Shipping and Containers

At our container terminals we handle all types and sizes of containers, including out-of-gauge cargos, reefers and 45 ft. containers. We ensure that the containers reach their destination as efficiently as possible.

Specific requirements
We carry out every specific requirement, for example regarding pre- and post-transport.

Scheduled services
Our scheduled services provide an excellent link over water with the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. There are three departures every week.