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Wijnne Barends orders 8 new vessels

The shipping company Wijnne Barends, established in Delfzijl, recently commissioned the construction of 8 identical vessels at Groningen Shipyard in Waterhuizen. The construction of this series is a repeat order of a series of 4 vessels delivered to the shipping company in 2012.

The vessels have a length of 88 metres and a capacity of 3,700 tons. The vessels will be mainly deployed in European waters. As the vessels are equipped with a height-adjustable steering wheel house, they are not only able to sail at sea but also on the larger rivers and inland waterways in Europe transporting different types of dry cargo including sawn timber, paper, steel and peatmoss.

The delivery of all 8 vessels will take place during 2015 and 2016.

The new vessels were designed by Wijnne Barends in close cooperation with Conoship International and Groot Ship Design. The vessels comply with current known and future energy- and environmental requirements. The construction and outfitting, including the supply of components for the 8 vessels, is carried out in close cooperation with several regional Dutch subcontractors.

Wijnne Barends also invests heavily in the more-stringent European environmental legislation being the only Dutch Short Sea shipping company which equipped existing vessels with a scrubber (exhaust gas cleaning installation) enabling these vessels to comply with this legislation without change of fuel whilst still meeting the maximum standard of 0.1% sulphur emissions which is valid on 1 January 2015.